November 14, 2008

Days like today... may just be perfect.

"While we try to teach our children all about life, Our children teach us what life is all about."- Angela Schwindt

I spent the day with Little Bit. For those of you who aren't mind readers, Little Bit is my niece. Little Bit is two years old. She is growing up so fast and it's amazing to watch. We spent the day playing with Barbies, dancing to the Wiggles, and well I'm not sure what the other games were that she invented. But, it was a blast.

I love watching her learn new things. She is fascinated with music and drawing. She is determined to figure everything out and learn to do it herself. I have to say my brother has done a great job so far. She has even learned that I well placed pout and an "I sowwy" can get you out of any trouble you encounter. Such as pulling out every wash cloth in the closet and taking them to your room. Granted she had an undeniable reason for doing so. "Barbie Blanket".

She has me there. Barbies do indeed need blankets. They would be cold otherwise.

Until next time, or however long it takes me to knit Barbie blankets.