November 16, 2008

Break time...

"Don't let your mind bully your body into believing it must carry the burden of its worries."- Astrid Alauda

I know things are sucking for a lot of people lately. Stress is running rampant. Things are ugly and you feel beyond tired. I understand, and I really feel for you. So that's why I'm giving you permission to take a break.

No, seriously. Just put everything down and walk a way for a bit. Take any kind of break you need; be it mental, emotional, social, or physical. Sadly, the cause of your stress isn't going to magically go away. (I'm not that talented.) But, despite your fears it isn't going to get worse either unless you ignore it for an extended period of time.

What are you waiting on? Oh, maybe you don't know how to de-stress. I don't know what exactly will work for you, but I'll share some of my stress busters.

Music is probably my most used one. I'll put on a specific playlist and sing till my throat hurts. I focus solely on the music and lyrics. Everything else slides away and I relax.

Watching a movie or reading a book is also a good way to relax. I do think that it should be something you haven't seen or read before. Because, if you have the stress will creep back in during a boring part.

Sex is often another recommended way to deal with stress. Let's face it sometimes that just isn't feasible. I also don't think it's a good idea to find a fuck buddy when you are stressed. I mean come on, everyone knows that is for extreme cases of boredom or drunkenness*. But, hell if you have access, ya might as well take advantage of it.

Finally, my second best way to deal with stress is to meditate and go to your happy place. Everyone should have a happy place, and they should make it super fucking slamming.

Until next time, "Oh but it's okay to breathe your worries away when everything and everyone tries to lead you astray. Hold your own, hold your ground, hold to light when you're down and always believe that there's a way back home."**


*- Please note, Autumn does not condone casual sex in the cases of boredom or drunkenness. After all her father reads this blog.

**- The until next time is lyrics from Hold by Axium.


mrsb said...

Thankfully, my fuck buddy is a live in! ;O)