November 6, 2012

Sometimes you just watch the red and the blue.

I really hope you voted. You did, right? Good. I knew you wouldn't let me down. Now we wait.

Yup this is my blog. I had stories to tell you. But honestly, I can't stop refreshing twitter, watching CNN, and twitching. Colorado, Virginia, Ohio, and Florida are going to give me heart murmurs. So those stories will have to wait till tomorrow.

You can call it cheating if you want but honestly I can't tear myself away. I care more about the actual presidential election so in all of that mess I'm trying to pay attention to the Senate and the House. As well as some of the Props in other states.

I'm hopeful on some and discouraged with others. But, isn't that the way it usually goes? No matter what happens... I have to hope that the population as a whole knows what they are doing. Does this election scare me some? Hell yes it does. Still, I've done all that I can.

Now let's all just watch the states turn colors. Hopefully, quickly so that I can sleep.

Until next time, I'll have stories- promise.