November 7, 2012

Sometimes you get to geek out.

“Luckily, growing up "unfinished" can make geeks the very best people to guide and nurture the next generation of outsiders: We know you don't have to be finished to be awesome.” -Stephen H. Segal, Geek Wisdom: The Sacred Teachings of Nerd Culture

There is little more satisfying than running into one of your own kind in the real world. And, despite claims otherwise, it's something we all know about. Everyone has, at least, one thing they seriously geek out over. I have lots. I'm in a lot of ways the stereotypical geek. Both the positives and the negatives. Still, I love being a geek. And, I love running into other geeks.

There is one geek that Bella and I run into on a regular basis. She works at the bookstore. Not shockingly, we end up there a lot. She's always bright and bubbly. And while, we never chat long (after all she is working) we always end up talking about something huge that just happened in whatever. Sometimes it's comics or Doctor Who.

Speaking of comics... Despite the “By Lex Luthor's bald head... a woman in a comic shop” stereotype, our local shop is really fantastic. I'm really just starting to delve in there and haven't spent a lot of time there. But the owner, and the people working there are amazing. Even if we always miss Hawkeye releases. Which I completely and totally blame Bella for ::coughs::

Even the geek encounters that.. well... leave you a little... umm how do I put this. Ok so, once again Bella and I were out yesterday. We did our patriotic duty and voted, so we rewarded ourselves and soothed our fears over the election with sushi. Because, that is what people do. The best place to get sushi in our town is this asian buffet. I'm there doing my thing when I see the most awesome shirt. Legend of Zelda. Wooo. This is one of the things that I majorly geek out over lately. So I had to say something. I tell the guy I like his shirt and planned to leave it at that. His friend, however was a huge LoZ geek. As I quickly found out. What I thought was a one comment and done, turned into a much longer conversation.

I'm clearly a bit socially awkward. So I never want to say, “Yeah we're in peoples way. Let's move and you can keep talking.” or “This is a fantastic chat, but I have someone waiting on me.” Yeah... I felt incredibly awkward and just kept trying to... I dunno what I was trying to do actually. Still. Even the geek conversations you don't mean to have or even want to end a bit quicker for whatever reason are amazing. Because, while I can find so many Legend of Zelda geeks online, I don't have anyone in my life that truly appreciates the game series. So yes, running into your own kind is always awesome.

Until next time, I'm just gonna go play some SNES.